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“It is not about what you leave for the children that counts, it’s what you leave in them.” This true depiction of what a legacy means to Dr. Kris and the staff members of KION Pediatrics sets the tone for the cornerstone of the practice.

At KION Pediatrics, it’s about connecting, passion, and service. There’s a synergy that is created between your family, your child and Dr. Kris and he is as passionate about your kids as he is about his own. The staff at KION are steadfast in the belief that service is the seed that is required to be planted in order to manifest the harvest of success. What better way of starting to change the health, mindset, and well-being of a generation, a nation, and of a world, than starting with our children - the leaders of our future.

We firmly believe that every child has a gift that is needed to advance the generations to come. If we can see to the wellness of a KION Kid, then we have realized our dream and played a small role in the advancement of our civilization. Dr. Kris has dedicated his life to achieving this and many more goals. We’d love to chat with you even if you are not yet a parent, or are expecting your very own blessing. You will soon come to realize, as many before you, that a KION Kid today will produce a healthy leader tomorrow.

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To Heal, Connect and Serve.

Goals and Objectives

  • To ensure a healthy transition from childhood to adulthood.
  • To achieve a state of complete physical, mental and social well being.
  • To enhance the quality of life of our future leaders.
  • To bridge the gap between good health and success.
  • To ensure that “going to the doctor” is a favored activity.


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Dr. Kris Nwokeji


Dr. Kris Nwokeji

I’m excited about the chance to be in partnership with the parents and caregivers in the management and wellness of their children. Wellness to me means a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. As regarding sickness, I try to look outside the box when a patient comes through my doors. I consider your normal illness, but I also evaluate for the least likely situation and the worst-case scenario.

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Raquel Nwokeji

(Practice Manager)

Raquel Nwokeji (Practice Manager)

Kris is a great doctor. I don’t just say it because he’s my husband, but he is truly awesome at what he does.

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Becca Ward


Becca Ward (APRN)

It has been a lifelong dream of mine to find a place where my love for medicine, pediatrics, and community can unite, and I have found that at KION Pediatrics. As a Primary Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, I have the pleasure to champion children through every stage of development from infancy through young adulthood. There is such joy in becoming a resource for families through developmental milestones like learning to walk and talk to every sickness and broken bone! I love KION pediatrics because it allows me to instill health and hope to the sweetest population there is, our kids!

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Sarah Grace Domino


Sarah Grace Domino (APRN)

My dedication to KION Pediatrics is bar none. During Snowmegeddon 2021 I drove uphill to the clinic and spent the day living on fruit snacks and pouring my soul into the one patient that kept their appointment. I love my job and would do it again in a heartbeat to keep my #KIONkids healthy and #KIONstrong

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Vieona Payne

(Director of Operations)

Vieona Payne (Director of Operations)

As my children are patients at KION Pediatrics, I always admired the team. Following Dr. Kris from Newport to Jonesboro and getting to meet their growing staff, I knew my children were lucky to be a part of such a great practice. After showing interest in wanting to be a part of an amazing team, I was offered a job as their Office Manager. Leaving a profession that I was comfortable with for over a decade was a bit scary, but IM POSITIVE I made the right decision! KION Pediatrics makes me look forward to coming to work each day! The doctor, nurse practitioners, staff, and patients make every day special. I strive to treat every child like the staff has always treated my own. I'm proud to be a part of the #KION FAMILY, personally and professionally!

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Shanna Wilcox

(Insurance Liaison)

Shanna Wilcox (Billing Specialist)

Working for KION Pediatric's has been an amazing career change for me! Dr. Kris has allowed me to grow as a professional and continues to help me reach my full potential. It's an honor to work as an insurance liaison for our wonderful patients.

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Chioma Nwokeji

(Compliance Manager)

Chioma Nwokeji (Compliance Manager)

It is an absolute pleasure to be working for KION pediatrics. A unique pediatric practice unparalleled. The vision and unconditional love Dr Kris and his team have for KION Kids is right up my street and i am excited to be part of this extraordinary journey

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Chelsea Jackson


Chelsea Jackson (LPN)

I never envisioned myself as a pediatric nurse, however since joining the KION team, I LOVE IT! The smiles on the kid's faces brightens my day! Everyone here has been so welcoming. I can honestly say I've found a job that I really enjoy. Working here gives me the opportunity to spend more time with my children!

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Kaileb Thompson

(PCT/ Scribe)

Kaileb Thompson (PCT/ Scribe)

I have grown to love working for Dr. Kris here at KION pediatrics. The close feeling of family between the caregivers and the children we care for is what draws people back. The sheer excitement of a doctor visit from these kids on a daily basis makes it so easy to take pride in the work I do here. It is very humbling that so many parents trust us with the well-being of their children.

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Emma Farmer

(Receptionist/ Scribe)

Emma Farmer (Receptionist/ Scribe)

KION Pediatrics has allowed me to get my foot in the door and see what a fast-paced, pediatric clinic is all about. Not only does this experience help guide me on my journey through nursing school, but it allows me to see how professionalism, communication, and teamwork skills go hand-in-hand with the ability and desire to care for our community’s children. I am encouraged by this team of professionals that are so willing to go above and beyond their call of duty!